Morosity Minneapolis, MN



Morosity is an acoustic based, alternative rock band with a slight overbite.

The five members (Jesse, Dave, Jason, Nick & Shawn) have varied musical backgrounds, which they all bring to the band. Their goal is to sidestep the pointless revivalism of music today and focus on how they can evolve and confront the issues that bind them. The beauty is that this creates music that’s distinct and refreshing as well as rollicking and bold. The group’s acoustic-based sound at times brings to mind Days of the New and Alice in Chains, while embracing and exploring progressive rock inspirations such as Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd.

Since 2001, Jesse Albrecht and David Rowan began to tailor a style all their own. Still, they knew the vision of Morosity needed to progress. In 2006, they collaborated with bass player (Shawn Bachinski) while recently adding violin/guitarist (Jason Wolfe) and drummer (Nick Johnson) to the fold. Now, to begin from what's been opened, the expansion to their current identity has been forged.

Rarely do you hear a sound as diverse and challenging as Morosity. The depth of their expression is matched by that of their musical prowess--- a sound that’s fully absorbed in the influences of music, art, politics and religion.




2. Eve
6. Day of Reckoning
8. Black Rainbow
9. Malpractice