Expyre Cottage Grove, MN



Expyre is an American Metal Band from Minneapolis, MN formed in November 2004.

Expyre is a molten mix of thrash, hardcore & death metal. They Played their first show on December 8, 2004 at the 7th St. Entry in First Ave. and have been gigging consistently ever since. After years of honing their skills on stage, they released their full length debut “Deadfall of Autumn” on Expyre Empyre Music. Current Line-up: Pat Young - Vocals; Jesse Tolkkinen - Guitar; Austin Larson - Bass; Kevin Baab -Guitar; Ryan “Zeus” Smith - Drums


Deadfall of Autumn

Deadfall of Autumn

1. Nightmares
2. Priest Who Prey
3. Project Mayhem
4. From The Shadows
5. World of Sh*t
6. One Life at a Time
7. Monster
8. Pray For Death
9. Beaten Up And Broken Down
10. All for Nothing
11. Demons Inside
12. Demons Released
13. Knee Deep In Pain