Rivkit Minneapolis, MN




Hebrew word, meaning to tie or to bind for the slaughter.

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN Rivkit has scorched the earth with their outstanding music and performances for the past several years. Working tirelessly to solidify their lineup they have now found the perfect balance of artistic minds from the area. With two full length albums completed, and an EP just released, Rivkit’s music has so far received air play on national, college, and internet radio stations, and Rivkit has had the honor of making a live televised performance on the semi-nationally broadcasted cable show TC Muzique.

Hardcore metal infused with infectious melodies, clever hooks, and hints of black metal converge to create the distinctive sound of Rivkit. Live performances present a professional demeanor and commanding stage presence that are a consistent assault on their growing audience. Working tirelessly to increase their fan base has rewarded them with opportunities to share the stage with national acts including: The Black Dahlia Murder, Skinlab, Butcher Jones, Stemm, American Head Charge, Motograter, Bloodsimple, Dry Kill Logic, Rikets, Malevolent Creation, Epicurean, Phsychostick, Luna Mortis...


Essence of the Afflicted

Essence of the Afflicted

1. Mark on the World
2. Trapped Inside
3. Echoes of a Memory