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Dead Horse Trauma

"The Unmerciful Infliction of The Sorrow You Deserve"

Dead Horse Trauma represents the aftermath of generation after generation of a blindfolded society and the acts that slip right under our radar. It's about how our money, sweat, and minds are taken advantage of everyday while we are hypnotized by our television and newspapers that lower our guards by desensitizing us to the rapists that ravish our vulnerabilities, and our future. It's a kick in the face when todays society needs it most. It's your wake up call.



The band was conceived in the winter of 2006 by Eric Davidson and Matt Wingerter, friends since high school that discovered a likeness in musical taste. Eric, who was at first choice a guitarist, had always known that music was something he's wanted to have a part in. Shortly after Matt started out on the drums in high school, the two attempted to form band after band with friends in the shallow musician pool of Grinnell, IA, a small town about 60 miles east of Des Moines. A few years after going their separate ways after high school, Eric and Matt ran across each other again and decided it was time to form a band like never before, one that would capture the violence and brutality of an eF-5 Tornado, and the melodies that lull the listener to vulnerability just before ravishing their inner-thoughts. What they thought the world needed was Dead Horse Trauma.

In the search for the right musicians, Dead Horse Trauma has had the pleasure of working w/ many people that came from an infinitely diverse range of backgrounds. When they came across Seth Peters, with his violent thrashing style mixed w/ a melodic darkness that could make Chuck Norris cry, they knew right away that this was just what the band needed. They later randomly acquired the talent of Joey Wyss (samples/programming/backing vox). This chance meeting erupted a renewed diversity to their already dynamic sound with samples and sounds a guitar doesn't normally produce. After some member changes, and perfecting the right mix of brethren, they still required a full-time bassist that had the same drive and dedication to making Dead Horse Trauma a permanent scar on face of today's music industry. Recently their search was rewarded when they recruited Jarrod Meinke to assume bass duties and fill the missing piece of the puzzle. His on-stage antics fill the once missing link. In 2009, Jason Handy replaced Matt Wingerter as the drummer and completed the line-up. Now the current line-up of Dead Horse Trauma brings a vengeance that shows vividly thru their explosive songs and live performances.

The debut ep, "The Unmerciful Infliction" was the first glimpse into the perverse world that Dead Horse Trauma portrays. From Track 1, "The Ashes of Our Enemies", the album grabs you by the naughty parts, and takes control of that little part of everyone that just wants to watch the bullshit around them fall in a burning flurry of ashes. The rest of the album tells a story of hatred, disgust, murderous fantasies, and suicide. You can get your copy of "The Unmerciful Infliction" on, or at one of the shows listed on their myspace site to experience if for yourself.

Dead Horse Trauma released their first full-length album, Infestation, March 2010. This highly anticipated album was produced by the 660 Group (Mindrite, High While Driving, The Boston Hell Mask) and mastered by InnerLight Records (Destrophy). It features 10 tracks that take you on a thrill-ride of sick breakdowns, pounding beats, and hooks that will take residence in your mind like a welcome parasite. You can get ahold of this new album online via (

In July of 2011, Dead Horse Trauma unleashed it's 2nd self-released full release, Tellus Hodiernus Caducus. You can pick that up at


Tellus Hodiernus Caducus (2011)

Tellus Hodiernus Caducus (2011)

1. No Recollection
2. Disbelief (Feat. Myke Terry)
3. Night Terrors


1. Chemicult
2. Infestation


1. The Murder of Crows
2. The Head of The Snake
3. Mockingbird
4. Reckoning Day
5. Ballad of the Plague
6. Coercion
7. Gravitational Pull
8. Menticide
9. Daffodils
Vi-Ops Listening Party

Vi-Ops Listening Party

1. Vi-Ops Listening Party Intro.
2. Vi-Ops Listening Party feat. Benny Black
4. Vi-Ops Listening Party feat. Benny Black
6. Vi-Ops Listening Party feat. Benny Black
8. Vi-Ops Listening Party feat. Benny Black
10. Vi-Ops Listening Party feat. Benny Black
13. Vi-Ops Listening Party feat. Benny Black
15. Vi-Ops Listening Party feat. Benny Black
17. Daffodils