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Ryan Paul, the songwriter and frontman, started Bensonwells as a solo project in high school but quickly realized the value of the creative minds that surrounded him. Within a couple years the group had gained an identity that extended beyond a singer/songwriter with backing band. The full-length self-titled album was released independently and made a mark on the Minneapolis music scene beyond what the initial expectations were. With another round of copies printed the group also put out a six-song EP entitled "You Could be Free," which showcases more mature songwriting and production.

The common thread for the members of the band is their belief that God is there waiting for us to connect with Him.This mindset is what has inspired their new album Full-Length Album"Hear the Sound". Never before releasing a worship album Bensonwells dives head first into the question "What is worship?".

"We want to make songs that bring the body of believers into the throne room of God. We want God to hear the sound of our voices but more importantly our hearts" says Ryan "Picture this. We write a song that sounds great, is easy to sing, but doesn't connect people to the heart of God. That is a failure. So we strive to do all of those things in this project while living lives of worship."

With songs titled "You Shine" and "Unending One," Bensonwells encourages the listener to connect with God in a real way. Their live worship events showcase their hearts by leading God's people in worship and forming relationships and community with the fans. "We are all one body and its time we start worshiping God as one," Ryan says.

All of this is only the beginning for them as they set their sights on bigger goals. With plans to release another disc within the next year Bensonwells is aiming to make an impact with their craft, and have a blast doing it.


Hear the Sound

Hear the Sound

1. This is a Call
2. We Lift Your Name
3. You Are ALive
4. Then You Rose
5. You Shine
6. On That Day
7. You Are God
8. Unending One
9. Holy, Holy, Holy
10. You Gave
11. The Coming of Your Kingdom