Morticia Minneapolis, MN



Morticia was formed in 1985 by Jodie Tanaka and Matt Batchelor, with Chrystopher Winter on Bass, and Carmilla Casquette on Guitar. Later on Dave Majerus, and Marko Nostrada replaced Carmilla. The band put out three cassette releases, one 45 record, two full records,and one C.D. before disbanding in 1994. Morticia was the first "Goth" band from Minneapolis to receive international press. And won a Minnesota Music Award in 1992 for "Best Metal Band". In 2006 Black Widow Records from Genova Italy released "Exhumed" with tracks from the vinyl Morticia releases.


Zombie Love / You scare Me To Death 45

Zombie Love / You scare Me To Death 45

1. Zombie Love
2. You Scare Me To Death
Mortal Fear

Mortal Fear

1. Mortal Fear
2. Tell Tale Heart
3. The Devils Road
4. I'm Your Trash (throw me away)
5. Darksider
6. Deadlier Than The Male
7. And Now The Screaming Starts
8. Christian Vices
9. Graverocker