Gryzor Minneapolis, MN



This whole mess got started back in 2008 when all hell decided to break loose during a determined episode of binge drinking. It was then the alcohol fueled a desire to make music that somebody would assume wouldn't "suck hard like a vampire with two vacuum cleaners". Enter four mysterious shadows...First was Brandon, a man of few words whose searing Lead Guitar solos could melt any face that would behold its blinding wonder. Second was Jeremy, who said unto thee "These fucking lyrics are terrible and I need to do something about it." before taking up pen and Rhythm guitar to create something mind bogglingly coherent. Third came Heath with his boistrous laugh echoing as he spoke no words and put everyone to shame with his impressive double kicks and blurring stick drum fills. Late to the party was Ryan who awoke and mumbled something about not knowing where he was and asked where the bathroom was before tripping over a bass or something he made.

GRYZOR was made to give all the little metal heads big smiles as we go across the Twin Cities pubs, dives, and back alleys, spreading good cheer like Herpes...


Flesh of the Fallen

Flesh of the Fallen

Flesh of the Fallen