Parachute.Pandas. Hutchinson, MN



Parachute Pandas started in 1959 with childhood friends Lance Frezno and Tom McQueen taking a zoology course at the University of San Diego, in San Diego, CA. There, they met Karl Singleton and Bill Crane, and together, did a for-fun musical project that outlined the severity of the declining Great Panda population. After realizing their potential as musicians, they began playing local clubs in California, before moving to Minneapolis in 1965, where they met piano phenom Arnold Webber and trombone/rap star Jordan Zitzloff. They have been playing in and around Minneapolis for years, using their professional musical abilities to spread a message of peace, love, and the importance of panda conservation.




1. Parachute.Pandas.
2. Crop.Circle.Colonnade.
3. Aardvark.Utopia.Park.
4. Homo.Sapien.Creation.Station.
5. Bee.Hive.Barn.Yard.