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Trip Lava

Trip Lava - Joel Lee’s band, Trip Lava, has a unique sound that encompasses circular improvisation. He came upon this sound while playing in the band Lost Mind Found back in 2003. It is a method where a musician starts to play a pattern, another joins in with a pattern, then another, etc. Once a main structure is settled on, player #1 changes their pattern, then #2 changes and so on and so forth. The music rotates and constantly evolves, making it hard to play but great to listen to.

Joel started playing the drums in a band called Emerald Isle in the late eighties. He later played with Marcus Noise in the nineties, opening for bands such as Killdozer, Arcwelder, House of Large Sizes, and Balloon Guy to name a few. They also recorded with Steve Bjorklund and Tim Mac.

What makes Trip Lava so amazing to listen to is the fact that Joel Lee is playing all the instruments. Self-taught on drums, guitar, bass, and keys, he is truly a ‘one man band’. Trip Lava approaches pitched instruments in its own unconventional way. This brought together the sound heard on its first CD, Oddball in the Corner Pocket, released in 2007. Trip Lava released its second CD, Octatroid in 2010. Both albums were produced, mixed and mastered at Nate Giller Productions. Trip Lava was also offered a record contract and signed to Shark Records in 2010. Trip Lava will continue to weave experimental drums, beats, synth and guitar to create a spontaneous combustion-like sound that lures and thrills its fans. Stay tuned, there’s much more to come….




1. Trouble in the Skies
2. Hover & Land
3. Gurgblah Emerges
4. The Villagers Retreat
5. The Search for Zidrakong
6. Zidrakong the Sorcerer
7. Octatroid - Heroic Robot Warrior
8. March to Battle
9. Octatroid Must Rest
10. Octatroid Reaches Mt. Meldagar
11. Octatroid Climbs Mt. Meldagar
12. Octatroid Vs. Gurgblah
13. Peace Returns
Oddball in the Corner Pocket

Oddball in the Corner Pocket

1. Hit Single
2. Hi Hat
3. Glass Disco
4. Flying Tremolo
5. Gallop Light
6. Flange Rock
7. Kung Fu
8. Floating
9. Sirens
10. Glass Disco Pt. 2
11. Gallop
12. Squish
13. Electro Glass Climax Pt. 2