On The March Minneapolis, MN


On The March

Beginning in 2009, Minnesota band ON THE MARCH has steadily become one of the mainstays in the upper Midwest’s heavy metal music scene. With no record label financing, the band have spent the last two years building their home in to a studio to lay down their current work of art; an album called “The Last Storm”. The band, featuring Cory Silcox on lead vocals, Jack Merwin on guitar, Aaron Aeshliman on bass guitar and Ben Dahlen on drums, is constantly working to make their intense stage performance perfectly match the unmistakable sound of their latest album; a sound that reminds many listeners of a blend of classic thrash metal and new school hardcore. Look for ON THE MARCH to be playing everywhere in the Twins Cities metro and soon expanding to the five state area.


The Last Storm

The Last Storm

1. Crawling Down
2. Hell Mutt
7. God's Work
8. Spectacular Dracula
9. Cisco Kid
12. Dream