K-Sno Des Moines, IA



It all started back in the year 2005 when K-Sno relocated to Des Moines IA, from St. Louis Missouri, when he started rapping. One day just lost out of his mind he grabbed a pen and notebook and started to write. First verse ever written was called "Thoughts" In which was composed of his feelings and thought process of certain things. Then he started to record. Nothing high quality just with Mix-craft and a trashed up Mic. People started to hate but K-Sno didn't let it get to him. He continued to make music not letting anything anyone said influence what he was doing...

Then one day a rapper by the name of K-Flo came in contact with him and asked him if he wanted to be apart of H.I.T.S. Crew. He couldn't let that chance pass him by so he decided to join and now who once everybody viewed as Joke in the rap game is starting to change Perceptions. He's trying to help put Iowa on the map for Hip Hop and with his motivation and ambitions, he's damn sure gonna give it his all.


The R.E.A.L. Mixtape

The R.E.A.L. Mixtape

1. Closer 2 My Dreams