The Maw Des Moines, IA


The Maw

Imagine being crushed inside the subconscious mind between the walls of psychotic and genius... The Maw's music is a transcendental jet-flash of the human spirit at the most primitive and feral level.

Based out of Des Moines, Iowa, The Maw are the epitome of the phrase "beyond description". With flashes of melodic hardcore, subtle psychosis, and teeth shattering rock and roll, these guys skirt around the edges of so many genres that it's impossible to label them as one.

The Maw's music is a journey... An intellectual and spiritual one... But like being a kid again in the back seat of your father's sedan on a Sunday afternoon, you have no way of knowing what your eventual destination will be. - Troy Church, Bigfoot Diaries.




1. Chora
2. To Close Third Eyes
3. Call To Arms
4. Will To Power
5. 7
6. 21st Century Schizoid Man ( King Crimson ) w/ Mad Monks