Twelve Gauge St Paul, MN


Twelve Gauge

Twelve Gauge was a Thrash/Speed metal band from St. Paul MN, existing from 2001-2009.

Nick Warhead - Guitar, Vocals, Bass (on Violent New World)

Eric Lofquist - Guitar

Dan Kobilka - Drums

Nate Chambers - Bass (on The City is Burning)

Andy Conroy - Bass


Violent New World

Violent New World

1. Integrity
2. Twelve Gauge
3. Acid Rain
4. Civilized Man
5. Push
6. No Way To Live
7. Perseverance
8. Violent New World
9. Righteous Brigade
10. Burning from the inside out
11. Empty Headed Youth
12. Religious Whores
13. Wartorn
The City is Burning

The City is Burning

1. Winds of Doom
2. SFS
3. MethHead
4. Invasion
5. The Ice Age
6. Our Time To Die
7. Status Climber
8. The City is Burning