The River Monks Clive, IA


The River Monks

We are from Des Moines, Iowa. We love it here. If you don’t live in Des Moines, you should come visit us and get to know it a little more - it’s a wonderful and beautiful place with all sorts of opportunity. The music and art scenes are growing every day, which has been inspiring to witness over the past few years.

About our name - a bit of Des Moines history: Scholars maintain that a very long time ago, a group of monks trapped fish in the river that now runs through our city, and some French folks took note of this and eventually named it after them.

A little bit more: We write and play music because it is our favorite thing in this world. If we are able to put a smile on your face, provoke a deeper thought, make you want to love something, anything, or overhear you whistling one of our tunes, we will be happy, happy people.




2. Pelica
3. The Wind & The Paths
4. Ode To An Ashen Bear
5. Laine
6. Of Snow
7. Yours To Keep
9. Winter's Backdrop
10. Yellow Blue & Green
11. Fall Hard
12. Kelly Don't You Change A Thing
13. To My Dearest Love, Zee
14. I Won't Laugh