The Tex Pistols Band Minneapolis, MN


The Tex Pistols Band

The Tex Pistols Band couldn’t be much further from Texas, and nobody in the band is from Texas, but that doesn’t stop these four Minneapolis vets of stage and studio from producing and performing some seriously kick butt music. The sound is classic yet new all at once. Shades of Neil Young and John Hiatt, Steve Earle and The Mavericks, throw in some Eagles and Beatles and stir in a little jam band and you get “The Tex Pistols Band”.


Hold On

Hold On

1. Nothing Left To Lose
2. Cold Rain
3. Nowhere To Hide
4. Full Moon Over Paradise
5. A Hundred Year Low
6. Hold On
7. Nobody's Fool
8. Don't Worry 'bout Nothin'
9. Good Ol' Boy
10. It Don't Get No Better
11. Catch A Chain
12. We're Not Done Yet