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Crashing Daylight

Take a look through the eyes of Crashing Daylight vocalist and guitarist Brandon Zastrow and you quickly will find the story of triumphs, struggles and pure passion that drives him and the band. "I realize that many struggles will arise and nothing is ever handed to anybody. The odds are against me...against us. .but I won’t settle for anything less than everything. What we give will always carry us. I think it is evident in our music and hopefully, in how we focus ourselves."

Driven to grasp success from their own work, Crashing Daylight will not stop until they captivate the hearts of fans nationwide. With powerfully meaningful messages spanning from heartbreak to overcoming adversity, the young band is ready to create their own underdog story. When asked, lead guitarist Evan Ogaard stated, "This EP is a cumulation of things that I have learned in life and through portrays how I act and feel."

Musicality is not the only thing that shines through with this band. With intricate riffs, catchy choruses, and a unique, compelling vibe in their muisc- Crashing Daylight is a group with complex messages hidden behind the music. From the powerful mid-tempo rock anthem "Scars" to an agonizing confession in "Can’t Let Go" to the pain in mending in "The Nature of Feeling", the group is sure to deliver powerful, catchy rock music as their songwriting continues to progress.

Formed in April of 2010, the band has shown continuous growth everyday. Their debut EP is a constant highlight reel of strong songs that help define the group’s current direction, but are also remarkably cohesive as an entire body of work. Look for their debut EP release "The Nature of Feeling" at tour sites and on all major online stores.


The Nature of Feeling

The Nature of Feeling

1. Can't Let Go
2. Scars
3. The Nature of Feeling
4. Shine
5. Beyond Here