The Light Friday St Paul, MN


The Light Friday

Danny Moffitt: Guitar and Vocals

Brad Larson: Drums

Andy Wolf: Guitar and Background Vocals

Franky Anderson: Bass and Background Vocals

Brad and Danny currently live in Grand Forks, ND while Franky and Andy have lived in Minneapolis, MN for a couple of years. The four musicians have not stopped playing music or given it a break at all. Instead, they all have continued to pursue their dreams of playing, writing and recording original music. Their most recent project, the recording of "Four Days", was fairly nerve wracking but very positive because of their experience playing with each other and the influences each member brought to the table. "Four Days" was recorded, mixed and mastered in four days and gave the band a chance to really see what they could do in a short amount of time. Though only two members intently "write" the music, they like to think of the group as a collaborative force where each idea can be accepted, changed, thought about, thrown away or just discussed. One member can write a song and The Light Friday will make it sound completely different than the writer had originally intended. You may have a few questions about what kind of style this group is going for, but that is the hardest question for them to answer. "Four Days" has influences from alternative rock, jam band, southern rock, hip-hop, funk and a mix of a few others. Keep your ears open and enjoy the new sounds of The Light Friday!


Four Days (with The Light Friday)

Four Days (with The Light Friday)

1. Opening Jam
2. Paint It Your Color
3. Forget About It
4. At Least You Tried
5. In The Morning
6. I Knew The Whole Time
7. Back Of My Mind
8. Tell Me
9. Rushing In
10. Ending Tune