The Flying Marsupials West Des Moines, IA


The Flying Marsupials

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the Flying Marsupials were one of Iowa's most popular rock bands. Featuring Lance Eaton (bass) Mark Leeper (guitar) Steve Rorebeck (drums) Andy TeBockhorst (keyboards) and JC Wilson (guitar), the "Supes" were known for big, fun live shows and tight party-rock music. The group had their final official show in 2003, but still reunite occasionally to play shows around central Iowa today. Eaton, Leeper and TeBockhorst continue to play locally as Monkey Monkey Monkey (


Working Without Annette

Working Without Annette

1. Drive Around the World
2. Wasn't Looking for Trouble
3. Been Around Too Long
4. Stand Back
5. Cajun Marsupial
6. Breathin' Under Water
7. Kicking The Dog
8. Everywhere I Go
9. Attitude