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No Good Deed

No Good Deed is a rock band from Des Moines Iowa comprised of a group of battle scarred veterans of the central Iowa music scene. Their debut disk "Looking for a Mantra" is a collection of guitar driven songs with lots of hooks and vocal harmonies that is sure to satisfy.

If you’re looking for beefy heartland rock ‘n’ roll with enough of a pop sheen to make it palatable, you’re “Looking for a Mantra.” These four guys, veterans of the no-BS Midwest scene, rumble like they’re trying to keep the years at bay, and they’re succeeding. Guitarist/vocalist Doug Hansen drops fat chords and takes instrumental breaks in unanticipated directions. At times it’s the sonic equivalent of watching a mountain biker with a ProCam wobblying at the edge of a vertiginous cliff. Hansen is the dominant songwriter with six and one-half writing credits (the half shared with drummer Tim Schmitt) but everybody contributes to an effort made vastly more formidable through the efforts of many hands. The “none-more-heavy” “Eulogy,” with its rat-a-tat low-end half-step groove, sounds like it was written by a bass player, which it was, one Jeff Morgan. (And is that slide whistle on “Pyle Driver?”) Mostly, though, it’s reliable power pop with an edge sharp enough to cut yourself on. Imagine Urge Overkill without the preening, or Material Issue without the eagerness to please. Get the record and go see No Good Deed next time you can. I hear these guys slaughter live.

- Patrick Beach - Austin American-Statesman


Looking for a Mantra

Looking for a Mantra

1. The Truth
2. Frank Sinatra
3. Here I Am
4. Stone Rope
5. Eulogy
6. Back In Time
7. Blind Eye
8. If I Confess
9. Feeling Better
10. Masquerade
11. Doubt
12. Pyle Driver
13. Daylight