Why Make Clocks Des Moines, IA


Why Make Clocks

Des Moines, Iowa based singer-songwriter Dan Hutchison formed Why Make Clocks in 1998 as a duo with multi-instrumentalist Brian Wiksell. Since then, a variety of musicians have worked with Hutchison in crafting moody, unhurried arrangements around his emotionally complex writing. The band’s lineup has varied from, at its largest, a seven-piece including a string section, to the stripped-down guitar/drums duo of Hutchison and Will Tarbox that entered the studio in 2008 to record the third Why Make Clocks full-length, These Things Are Ours. After adding bassist Chuck Hoffman, Why Make Clocks released These Things Are Ours on Des Moines’ Sleep On The Floor Records in 2009. The trio is currently hard at work on a mix of new and yet-unreleased older songs for future releases.


These Things Are Ours

These Things Are Ours

1. Self Impressions
2. This Is Just A Test
3. Bitter
4. Boots
5. Pet Project
6. Check Mate
7. Emotional Audit (Facing the West)
8. Circles
9. Distant Sea
10. Sometimes
Midwestern Film

Midwestern Film

1. The Tape Hiss Told Me This
2. Midwestern Film
3. Who's Laughing Now
4. That's Sad
5. Superheroes
6. Feel the Sun
7. All Your Smiles
8. False Starts
9. Staking Their Claim
10. The Finalist