Maxilla Blue Des Moines, IA


Maxilla Blue

Recently joining with underground hip hop powerhouse and Chicago based Galapagos4, Maxilla Blue has caught the eye of much of the midwest and mountain regions having toured in, and rocked several shows in both, along with a handful of shows abroad. Considered a solid preservation of the classic 1 Dj, 1 producer, 1 MC combination the Des Moines bred trio's efforts in the last 4 years have not gone unnoticed, garnering praise and respect from such sources as Fifth Element (Rhymesayers), PitchFork, Amoeba Music (Berkeley, CA) and others. Having recently completed a 5th collaborative album and their 3rd LP volume, (2nd vinyl release) Maxilla is currently in production and promotion of this, along with upcoming works.


Volume 3

Volume 3

Perfect Mal-F
3. Lego Blocks
12. FiveHundredFifteenPercent