The Wire Frames Ames, IA


The Wire Frames

The Wire Frames is your new second-favorite band, comprised of brothers Curtis Weigel and Ethan Rietz. Curtis has an unyielding need to express himself through the magic of song, and Ethan has a passion for beating drums and mathematics. They are often accompanied on stage by Peter Gartin, a handsomely bearded maestro in his own right.

Their second album, an EP titled Echoes In Me, was released January 15, 2016, to their mother's acclaim. Consisting of four songs centered around the acoustic guitar, the EP's larger purpose is to serve as a promise to themselves to continue creating music despite hinderances large and small.


Dissect The Recall

Dissect The Recall

2. Sorts
3. A Coffee Song
4. Cottonwood (No Lie)
5. No Vaccination
6. Artistically Speaking
7. Great Big
8. So Sweet
9. Orchid Eyes
10. Torn Paper People
11. Over It
Echoes In Me

Echoes In Me

1. Burst & Taper
2. Like Lovers Dance
3. Nothing Left To Be
4. Thaw
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas - Single

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas - Single

1. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Non-album Songs

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas Demo