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The album, Test Patterns, is available at iTunes and Amazon. You can also listen at Spotify and SoundCloud(

allen/carlson was a project from the early 80s by Ian Allen and Ron Carlson. The songs were recorded at A&R Studios in Ames Iowa. The project was to be 4 songs for an EP release. It soon turned into 10 songs. I Can't Let Go b/w Hardfall was released as a single on Revolver Records in 1983 and garnered a mention in Billboard. The only notable airplay it received was mostly on college radio; reaching #13 on one campus' "most requested" top 20 list. All of the songs were credited as Allen/Carlson and are assigned to Chateau Rippey Publishing BMI

In 2004 a CD of most of the tunes recorded was offered for sale through CafePress. Ian had the concept for the album art for the original intended EP release. The front cover would be the modern "color bars" used by TV stations while the back cover would be the older test pattern used by TV stations back in the 50s. Ron incorporated Ian's original concept in the CD art along with the insert design.

Along with 8 original tunes a cover of " A Love Like Mine" written by Judy Brown was recorded as was "Every Little Thing" by the Beatles. The CD offered 2 "hidden" tracks which were both parodies ala Weird Al done entirely by Ron - Feliz Navidad (which got some airplay on KGGO) and Bomb Saddam based on the Fred Fassert song "Barbara Ann". These two tracks will not show up here.

Notes on the songs:

I Can't Let Go, Hardfall - two of the 4 songs intended for the EP. Alan Graybill/drums, Ron/background vocals, Ian/everything else.

Moped Maurine - Ron/lead & background vocals/12-string guitar/2nd lead/acc. guitar/synth, Ian/bass/background vocals/1st lead/12-string guitar. Al Graybill/drums.

Maybe - Ron/lead & background vocals/guitar/bass/drums & percussion/synth/piano, Ian/background vocals, Mike Shocatano/1st lead guitar.

Hope I'm Doin' It Right - Ron/lead & background vocals/piano/guitar/synth/hand claps, Ian/bass/lead vocals bridge/1st lead guitar, Jay Jergens/drums/background vocals/hand claps, Frank ?/2nd lead guitar. This tune had a happy accident. A second take was done on top of the first to save tape. The previous take was not entirely destroyed - the tail was still intact. During a listen the tape ran past the 2nd take playing the tail of the previous one and they meshed quite well. It was decided to leave the 1st take tail in. Ian overdubbed a bass to weld the two together and adding a even better connection between the two.

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Test Patterns

Test Patterns

1. I Can't Let Go
2. Moped Maurine
3. Hardfall
4. Parachute
5. Maybe
6. First Run Showing (rough mix)
7. Hope I'm Doin' It Right
8. #4 (Air & Sky)
9. A Love Like Mine