Second Chance Boone, IA


Second Chance

Second Chance existed in Central Iowa in the mid 80s to early 90s. Members were from Grimes, Boone, Perry, Nevada and Adel at the time of this recording. The group were originally known as Lion of Judah, but due to the fact that so many personnel changes had occurred a new name was deemed necessary.

The album was recorded at Darrell's Basement Studio just north of Adel during the Spring of 1991. The band consisted of Russ Musilek - guitars/bass/vocals (lead vocals on Fingerprints), Dan DePue - lead vocals (except for the title track), Jim DePue - guitar/bass, Mike Wright - drums and Ron Carlson - guitar/bass/vocals.

The album was mixed by Ron Carlson with help from each songwriter. It was tracked mainly live with only vocals and solos being overdubbed. Guest musicians were Ron Pool - keyboard and Jerry Peebles - sax.

Tracks - with the writer in parenthesis (from the cassette release) Only a Prayer Away (Mike), The Lonely Way (Jim), Scottie's Tune (Mick Donner), Good Money (Russ), Somethin' Ain't Nothin' (Ron), In God I Trust (Russ), Think! (Russ), Metal Music (Russ), Lord of My Life (Mike), Yo Baby (the band), One Day (Russ), Fool For Jesus (Russ) and Fingerprints (Russ). All tunes are BMI except for Scottie's Tune.

Fingerprints was originally released on cassette in 1991 on Billzllama Music - BLZ 0901. Album art by Russ and Ron. All content is copyright 1991.

Notes on the songs:

Only a Prayer Away - Here is a prime example of what a misadjusted limiter can do along with not carefully listening to the mix. Along with the audio coming from a cassette this is not the best representation of this song. I wish I still had access to the multitrack tape as a remix would be nice to do for this song. Ron/bass, Russ and Ron/background vocals.

The Lonely Way - Ron/bass

Somethin' Ain't Nothin' - Russ/bass, Ron and Jim/guitars, Ron Pool/synth horns.

Fingerprints - Russ/lead vocals, Dan and Ron/background vocals, Ron Pool/keyboard

Dan passed away in the early 90s of a rare brain disease, Mike left the group shortly after this release, Jim works for the Adel school district, Russ is building guitar amps in Boulder CO and plays in the Rhythm All-Stars, Ron works for 99.3 FM




1. Only a Prayer Away
2. The Lonely Way
5. Somethin' Ain't Nothin'
13. Fingerprints