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LongNeck Catz

Three musicians, three states, how can that work?

Chris Hale and Patrick Bares grew up as neighbors and class mates in Merrill, Wisconsin.  In school they found a mutual love for music.   A few years later after guitarist Chris had played in his first band "Jason",  "Hammer" was formed with bassist Patrick and toured the Midwest circuit - Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota.  Following that they formed a new project, "Clean Cutz".

Jody Lawler started drumming in North Dakota's "Fandango" at age 15.

Jody and Chris met while living in Minneapolis and began playing music and writing songs together.  LongNeck Catz was formed after a couple of incarnations.  Recently reunited with Chris via the internet, Patrick is a very welcome infusion of insight, creativity and energy to the LongNeck Catz.  They now collaborate and record over the 650 miles or so upon which they are spread out. They are loving every minute of it and crave more.

Now with a long list of original songs, they are continuing to write and perform their unique style of music which has roots in rock and crosses over into other genres as well.  They are beginning to build a fan base and are excited to be playing shows in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. 


LongNeck Catz

LongNeck Catz

1. One Whiskey
2. Don't Know Much
3. All Alone
4. Heaven
5. Mind
6. My Baby
7. Don't Know Why
8. Forever
9. Give
10. Hard Habit to Break
11. Just Fix It
12. More of You
13. No Assembly Required
14. Outta Luck
15. Praise Now
16. Sugar 'n Me
17. Tears of Joy
18. Tera
19. Vamp
20. We Run
21. Bettin' on Me
22. Every Other Day
23. Can't Leave Her
24. Baby You're Mine
25. Foolish and Frail
26. Gimme Somethin' Quick
27. I'll Fall
28. Move on Down the Line
29. Rain
30. Set the Night on Fire
31. Shallow
32. Someone Like You
33. Stone Pony
34. The Happiness Song