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Cold Colours

COLD COLOURS started out as a solo project called WOLFTHORN in 2005. a few demo recording were made and eventually a full length album was recorded in 1999. while in the studio, it was decided that a new band name was needed and COLD COLOURS was born.

the first CD "Somnium XIII" was released in 1999 on Root of all Evil Records and was met with a ton of glowing reviews. however, without a full band - CC was unable to capitalize by hitting the live circuit.

a show was played at the 1999 Milwaukee Metalfest, however CC did not become a live band until 2001.

some new demos were made between 2000 and 2001, but never amounted to much.

finally in 2001, a live band was assembled to start promoting the band. however, this lineup was very short lived as it did not meld well at all and strayed away from what the band was meant to be.

in 2002 a new lineup was assembled and the band soon started playing the regional market hard, earning a strong following in the TC area. the band started to record a new album in 2003, however the sessions were abandoned as the material was not up to par. the band started over with the album, and 2 years later "The Burden of Hope" was released. finding a much toned down and way darker approach.

with 2 new members on board, the band started to bring back the heaviness and eventually saw them on their first tour in 2006. however, this marked the beginning of the end of this era and the band fizzled by the end of 2006.

Brian continued recording and going through various lineups for the next few years. releasing a few EP's in the process. after many frustrating years, a new lineup finally went in to the studio to record the 3rd CC album.

"The Great Depression" was released through Sleaszy Rider Records in September of 2011, however the lineup that recorded the album was already defunct. again, the band was unable to promote the album properly on the live circuit.

The decision was made to bring CC back to being a solo project for the time being, and work has already begun on a new album for 2012. without the influence of others, Brian has brought the band back to it's dark and heavy roots.

Plans are in the works for possible tours and shows, however for the time being CC is not a full fledged live band. After completion of the new album.... it's time to start from scratch. stay tuned. Pure North American Wuss Metal will live again!


The Great Depression

The Great Depression

1. Deny, Embrace, Define
2. Desire (The Fallen Will)
3. A Tired Masquerade
4. Daylight
5. Days of Ire
7. Deceiver
Somnium XIII

Somnium XIII

1. Agony
2. Suicidal Somnium
3. Autumn Reign
4. Misguided Entity
5. A Red Rose in A Blackened World