Catylyst Minneapolis, MN



Catylyst is a hard hitting, power rock band from Southwest Minnesota. Forming in September of 2009, they played their first headlined show just one month later. Since then, they have played several shows and released their first EP entitled "Psycho" in April of 2010. With a slew of modern rock band influences including Red, Chevelle, Skillet, The Classic Crime, and Three Days Grace, Catylyst is poised to take the Midwest by storm with their aggressive, guitar driven sound.

Catylyst, which began with a simple online conversation between former bassist Mark Randolph and lead singer DannyLane about starting an “Acoustic driven indie-alt band,” has been through several members before settling with its current core of Danny Lane (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Zach McCoy (lead guitar), and Tyler Van Kley (drums, bg vocals) and has blossomed into a powerful hard rock act. Catylyst is set to independently release their debut album "Welcome to Lystra" in the summer of 2012. The first single "Through" is available now on iTunes.




1. Through