Dale Menten Excelsior, MN


Dale Menten


• Dove Recording Studios, Bloomington, MN 1966-1968

Staff Song Writer/Arranger-Producer

• Sound 80 Recording Studios 1968-1970

Studio Guitar Player and Vocalist

• The Creative Center, Minneapolis, MN 1969-1970

Staff Writer and Music Producer

• Chappell Music, Inc. New York, NY 1968-69

Contracted Song Writer

• Menten Music, Inc. (Full-Service Music House) Mpls. MN 1971- present


• Cookhouse Recording Studios, Mpls. Mn 1972-1995



“Run Run Run” – (D. Menten) The Gestures - Soma Records 1964

“You May See Me Cry”- (D. Menten) The Best Things - United Artists 1965

“Chicks Are For Kids” – (D. Menten) The Best Things - United Artists 1965

“The Lights of Rome”- (Goldberg, Paulak, Menten, Steinberg)-Atlantic 1966

“World War 111 In Cincinnati” (Goldberg, Paulak, Menten, Steinberg)-Atlantic 1966

“Twenty Years Ago” - (Goldberg, Paulak, Menten, Steinberg)-Parrot Records 1967

(T.C. Atlantic)

“The House of Leather”- (D. Menten) Blackwood Apology - Mercury (LP) 1968

“Scrumpdillyishus Day” – (Menten-Larranyaga) Curbstone Singers- MGM 1974

“Sunday Morning” – (D. Menten) – The Spurlows – Word Records 1974

“Show It”- (Goldberg, Paulak, Menten) - The Spurlows – Word Records 1974

“I Really Wanted to Make a Movie” (D. Menten) Dale Menten-MCA (LP) 1975

“Somethin’ Fishy” – (D. Menten) The Live Bait Band – Weekend Records (LP) 1985

“Huntin’ Sump’n – (D. Menten) The Live Bait Band – Weekend Records (LP) 1988


“It Ain’t Easy” – (Composer/Arranger) Dandelion Films 1972

“Winnipeg Run” - (Composer/Arranger) Dandelion Films 1972

“Just Be There” - (Composer/Arranger) Montgomery Productions 1974

“Lifeguard”- (Composer/Arranger) Paramount Motion Pictures 1975

“The Keys” – (Composer/Arranger) NBC Movie of The Week – Universal Films 1992

“Pointman” - (Composer/Arranger) – Warner Bros. /UPN (Episodic Series) 1995


(Dale Menten and Dean Menten)

“The Scrumpdillyishus” Campaign for International Dairy Queen - CME

Lyrics by Dale Menten and Bob Larranaga & Music by Dale Menten

We provided the music for the national TV and Radio campaign for eight years.

“Valley Fair”- Seven years of music for media and Red Garter Saloon.

“General Mills National Sales Meetings”. We provided music for national shows for 15 years.

“Moore On Monday and Moore on Sunday. “ We created electronic signature for these two long-running shows.

WCCO News Package - Five years of newsy music

“Northwestern National Bank” - Created the “You’ve Got A Lot Minnesota” music and assisted with the campaign.

“Rainbow and Cub Foods” - Four years of Rainbow; three years of Cub Foods.

“The Minnesota Medical Foundation” – Over ten years of scoring films and creating institutional campaign songs

Experience in a Nutshell:

He had a national hit (number 25) and traveled across America in a white, Chevy Van performing with The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, The Orlons, Ronnie Dove, Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Hondels, and the Beach Boys.

He was in nine different bands, which means he had to work with nine different drummers and travel in nine different vans, hearses, trucks, and cars.

He composed and produced a Rock Opera that was released on Mercury Records and later expanded into a stage play that went all the way to New York-Off Broadway.

He spent one summer creating


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