East Jesus Forest Lake, MN


East Jesus

East Jesus, a slang term, refers to far away towns where folks have a lot of time to dwell on their contemptuous thoughts, everyone knows each others’ dirt, and baneful things happen at night. They are communities where disputes are settled over whiskey-fueled contention, fires, and shotgun law reigns. It is not a place for the meek, as the rougher edges of society call this area home.

It’s fitting, then, East Jesus is also the moniker for a Minnesota band whose bloodlines run decades thick. Matthew Houle [Vocals/Guitar], Jeremy Andersen [Drums] and Kevin Wiler [Bass/Vocals] have been close friends for years on end, and the songs play out like a sonic diary spilling out tales of love, hate, and regret.

Aesthetically, the group mirrors elements of rock from their formative years–from the bitter ferocity of Metallica and Alice in Chains, and the essence of Stevie Ray Vaughan, to the angular characteristics of contemporaries like Chevelle. The result showcases a merging of juggernaut riffs, morose vocals, bluesy leads, and even string arrangements and piano, proving East Jesus has no intention of being a one trick pony.

Supporting the release of their 2010 sophomore album Time Passed Away, East Jesus plays across the Twin Cities as a powerful trio and show no signs of slowing down.

As long as the sun sets and the moon ascends, smoke and sparks rise in after hours, and the firebrands gather on the outskirts of town, East Jesus will auspiciously remain.


Time Passed Away

Time Passed Away

6. Devil in the Details
7. Conflict Resolution
8. The Trap