Superchief Des Moines, IA



In 2008; a group of like-minded rock and roll musicians in Des Moines, Iowa formed a kinship and thus, the band SUPERCHIEF was born. Starting with their first show with Radio Moscow in January of 2009, they hit the ground running...giant songs with a core in 70s riff rock, a modern sensibility and an appreciation of the craft of song writing.

Since then, SUPERCHIEF has played many shows across the Midwest. They’ve shared the stage with Red Fang (Relapse), Sponge (Bellum), Brand New Sin (Century Media), Texas Hippie Coalition (Carved), Radio Moscow (Alive), Parlor Mob (Roadrunner), Gypsyhawk (Metal Blade), Lacuna Coil (Century Media), Droids Attack (Crustacean), Giraffes (Crustacean), Bloodcow (Crustacean), North Of Grand (Brolester), As I Lay Dying (Metal Blade), Bible Of The Devil (Cruz Del Sur Music) and many more. Along the way they have made friendships with bands across the country, planning dates with them to return to Des Moines specifically to play with SUPERCHIEF. In 2010, SUPERCHIEF was selected by Des Moines Music Coalition to take play their 5th annual Gross Domestic Product concert as well as the Iowa State Fair, on the Knapp Stage.

SUPERCHIEF writes their own music, books their own shows, creates their own artwork, and works directly in the recording process, doing much of the post-production and the mastering themselves.

In 2011 SUPERCHIEF signed with Des Moines based record label Brolester Records and released their 2nd offering - a full length album entitled Corporate Dynamite. The album is an 11 song beer fueled festival of mayhem and rebellion. In August 2011 and August 2012 SUPERCHIEF headed out on a Midwest run to start spreading Corporate Dynamite to the masses. Since its release the album has received strong praise from the online music sites as well as local press.


Corporate Dynamite

Corporate Dynamite

1. Fear No Shield
2. Odin Be Praised
3. Shovel In The Basement
4. Corporate Dynamite
5. They Call Me Nomad
6. Sweat
7. The Story of the King Killer
8. The Plan
9. Saint Bukowski
10. Destiny's Child
11. Unknown Track 11