Colt Walkers Ames, IA


Colt Walkers

The Colt Walkers is a band based in Ames, IA playing original roots, folk, and blues music.

Like the iconic single action revolvers from which they take their name, the Colt Walkers pack the explosive sonic punch of a wild-west shootout. The Iowa-based roots rockers populate their songs with sinners, saviors, wanderers and devils, weaving a tapestry at once spiritual and profane.

The Colt Walkers make no apologies for their love of the musical forms at the heart of the American story: blues, country, folk and gospel. But they craft every lyric, melody and stomping instrumental with an eye toward the horizon – and an understanding that American music is at its best when it rocks.


Trail of Blood and Broken Hearts

Trail of Blood and Broken Hearts

1. Dustin' Off My Vinyl
2. Cheaper Women
3. Trail of Blood and Broken Hearts
4. Last Time Around I Swear
5. Follow Me Out to the Woods
6. Wander and Wonder
7. Don't You Pray for Me
8. My Own Damn Fault
9. Prodigal Son

Non-album Songs

(LIVE) Dusting Off My Vinyl