Aquamarine Dream Machine Des Moines, IA


Aquamarine Dream Machine

“ Aquamarine Dream Machine is a band that will literally sneak up on you. Dan and Justin are so smooth with their style that it seems that they play their instruments without the burden of effort. Like a hypnotist, you are put into a trance. Then, when you are comfortably floating through the cosmic seas of mental beatitude, they suddenly jack it up a notch, and suddenly you are fixated on the individual sounds of each performer. It's jaw dropping, especially when Dan goes off on one of his extended guitar solos. While Justin and Dan take turns punching you in the nose, Joe and Erik seep into your ears like an electronic waterfall which ebbs and flows against your conscience. Nik's drumming is the pounding wave that causes this give and take, relentlessly drawing itself into you as it takes you out to sea. The name is perfect. Together on stage they truly are a cosmic dream machine. ”

Troy Church - The Bigfoot Diaries


Aqua Marine Dream Machine

Aqua Marine Dream Machine


Non-album Songs

Blur The Lines
Look To The Sky