PINWHEEL Burnsville, MN



Minneapolis-based rockers Pinwheel have just released their first full length album "Reset" and there's a distinctly powerful sonic groundwork being laid - think the melodic veracity of Tool meeting the instrumental headiness of Nine Inch Nails. Call it industrial; call it prog-metal; call it what you will, but one thing is clear: the impressive chops summing Pinwheel's whole are an aggressive, bo

undary-testing aberration. The band's output is tightly-executed and atmospherically jarring, ideal for fans of electronic-tinged hard rock. Combine all that with a notoriously raucous live show, and you've got one of the Twin Cities' buzziest hard rock bands.

"Pinwheel don’t give a lot away about what to expect from their music in their bio, so going into the album I was open to what I was going to hear and unsure of what I was going to think – the result though is spectacular. Don’t consider this an album you listen to, think of it as an arrangement, a selection of tracks which pull you through an emotional journey, each one coming and bringing about a new outlook or mood to take on board. Definitely a band to make sure you check out – and one we need to get over here pretty damned soon.”

~Dave Nicholls;

"I caught wind of Pinwheel's music through a top secret organization whom I can't name for obvious reasons. When I listened to it, I noticed that I had gained the ability to surf the Internet at unprecidented speeds (without a computer). When I exited my home, I noticed I was surrounded by European supermodels (why were there so many Eropean supermodels in downtown St. Cloud BTW?) and my ability to bond with them on a personal level was enhanced tenfold. My sexual prowess was matched only by my God-like intellect. Yeah, its pretty safe to say that Pinwheel has been a good addition to my playlist.”

~ JT, 88.1 KVSC, St. Cloud~

The eleven-track album Reset is aggressive; expect heavy beats, loud riffs and grunge- like vocals throughout. The vocals are belted out by Ben Brock and they are crisp and clear, rising above muzzy guitars, giving Pinwheel a unique sound- separating them from other metal acts.

~Ciara Mooney,




1. Orgone
2. Reset
3. Lie Awake
4. Die Laughing
5. Stagnate
6. In Hand
7. Welcome to the Machine
8. Casualty
9. Distress
10. Playground
11. To the Moon