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Rypt the Ripper

BIO: Rypt The Ripper

Rypt the Ripper aka Dungeon Master Ash, aka Jeremiah Weed, aka Ash-Boogie, aka ACE in the Place. Producer of beats, writer of rhymes, creator of graffiti. All around artist. Currently using AKG Perception 220 condenser microphone to record vocals, Korg M3 keyboard for most instrumental production w/ the inclusion of a Kurzweil, Yamaha, and a couple Casio Keyboards (likes keyboards), Tabla hand drums, Guitar electric and acoustic, Electric Bass. Uses Ableton, Reason, Studio One, Adobe Audition, Cool Edit Pro, Boss Dr-880, T.C. Electronic fire-wire interface. First solo performance in 2006 @ Jaded Lotus Tattoo Shop in Ames, Ia. Opened up for and done shows w/(in no certain order): Pinwheel, Dead Horse Trauma, Hopsin, Population Control, Zone 5, Killuminati Klick(Adam "Beateater Bomber, Hoozia, Rypt the Ripper), Axe Murder Boys, Grewsum, Nu Depths, Chris Jones, Izzy Dunfore, Kemyst, The Syndicate, Stuttrin Jimi, Stevie Stone, Dj Kwickstarr, Absent, Jesse "The Trigger" James, Duece Ellis, Playboy The Beast, Spade Ripper, Danero Dollaz, Buck, Irv Da Phenom, Trey Lane, Adapt, Kool Taj, Guerilla Hustle, Horizon, Shai Boogie, Kyd n Tre, Dj P. Caso, Yella Boi, Young Slim, Rukka Puff, Sid from Slipknot, Agony of Defeat, Hawk City Huskaz, and sure there is someone forgotten. Started recording on a karaoke machine, then moved up to Cool Edit Pro and dell computer, 6 years later after many upgrades Rypt is still laying it down. Started Recording w/ dynamic mic then went to guitar center and learned you needed a pre-amp for the condenser mic bought on sale! Thanks guy at guitar center! Would have drove all the way home(30 miles) to find out it didn't work. Started Making beats on Playstation Music Maker, Fruity Loops, Then met "Syde" and started jamming live w/ any instrument available primarily keyboards. Daul keyboardists and an Mc. Many jam sessions until introduced by some good friends to Mc "Hoozia" from Evansville In. Made 2 albums then was introduced to Adam "The Beateater" Baumert(r.i.p) and formed "Killuminati Klick"(kill-klick) thanks to "Population Control". Made 2 mixtapes and 2 full albums as well as a 5 track Ep.Rypt has 8 count them 8 full length albums availble for your listening pleasure online. Currently working on a new solo hip-hop album titled: "1 Wild Turkey" also tearin it up with his new punk/reggae band "From Scratch"! "BORN IN IA, LIVIN IN IA, JUST A PUNK ROCK HIP HOP SKATER, KICKIN IT MY WAY, LIVIN THE FAST LIFE, SKATE OR DIE, RIDE OR DIE, LIVE IT UP, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!"




1. intro
2. legalize it
3. showdown
4. shut em down ft. Hoozia, Bomber
5. dream on ft. Hoozia, Bomber
6. im on 1
7. in the name of...
8. badass
9. h-to-the-a-t-e
10. live it up
11. rappin my ass off
12. im rypt
13. alone
14. burn the house down
15. kozmosis
16. cant stop me
17. sorrow tomorrow ft. Hoozia, Bomber
18. till i met...
19. reach me now
20. khemistry ft. Hoozia, Bomber
21. lie 2 yourself
22. thats what happens ft. Hoozia
23. you only live once ft. Hoozia

Non-album Songs