Tires Des Moines, IA



"Electronic rock band Tires plays primarily instrumental music, with an emphasis on groove and a layered palette (including the occasional electric drill on guitar). The huge sound produced is accomplished by just two people: Phil Young on guitar and electronic sound manipulations, and Jordan Mayland on drums and synthesizers.

The two are in a virtual “who’s who” of Iowa bands, including The Wheelers, The Volcano Boys, The Mantis Pincers, Nuclear Rodeo, and many others. As if that wasn’t enough, they often control their own lighting during performances as well.

The band played their first show at The Space for Ames last summer, then opened for Xiu Xiu at the Maximum Ames Festival. They’ve also opened for Neon Indian, and will open for The Antlers on March 31st at Iowa City’s Mission Creek Festival."

-Bryon Dudley (GDMMC -

Though Tires has also invited other musicians onstage as part of a new live experience for the band and fans, now the group exists primarily as Mayland, Young, and newest full time member Chris Marshall. Marshall's entrance in the band has been beneficial allowing Mayland and Marshall to switch up instruments such as drums, synths and guitars. The band now resides in Des Moines and is planning a tour in early 2013.




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