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Several years ago I was playing in a punk band called Klymis. I played bass guitar and wrote songs for about eight years. We were living in small town Minnesota when we packed up and headed out west, we had no idea where we were going or how long it would take us to get there, and after a month on the road we ended up in San Diego California. It was during my time in the west that I got the inspiration of my lifetime. We parted ways and I came back to the midwest in 2007 where I spent two years working it out, after which I started writing in early 2010 and have been at it ever since.

I built a studio in my Fargo ND apartment and recorded a demo to figure out how to get where I wanted to go, the result was the Welcome Home, Stranger acoustic album, followed by the Words & Will album. After I finished the Words & Will I took it to Minneapolis to build the band I was looking for. I first met Kelly Kent for a bass guitar audition, which prompted a second audition, and a third, and a fourth, and she was a perfect fit. She's not only an exceptional bassist, she is full of absolute insanity which she brings on and off the stage. She is the love of my life :) After searching and auditioning another six months we found Frank Vidmar to play the drums with us. I sent him an email with a few tracks to learn for audition, and 18 hours later he emailed me back saying he was ready. I thought he was either full of crap, or an insanely good drummer. Turns out he is an insanely good drummer, although he is pretty full of crap too. He is incredibly talented and I've never seen anyone learn so fast without complaint. Just don't call him a drum God, it will go right to his head, although he kind of is a drum God.

Our latest release is the Hey Kid EP, it is our first release as a full band and is the stepping stone to where we are heading as both individuals and as a band. You can get it free on our bandcamp page, so check it out!

We are currently playing shows around the Minneapolis / St. Paul area and are getting ready for our spring tour. If you want to come check us out or just say hey, hit us up or come out to a show!

- Eli


Hey Kid

Hey Kid

1. Finding Your Feet
2. A Little Fire
3. Hey Kid
4. The Devil And The Sea
5. Progress And Ingress
6. Journey's End