Jacob County & The Damaged Goods Des Moines, IA


Jacob County & The Damaged Goods

Jacob County & The Damaged Goods is an explosive and energetic five piece from Des Moines, Iowa. As a native of Iowa, Jacob County only thinks it fair that The Damaged Goods be considered the pioneers of “corn punk”, which is his interpretation of mixing traditional rock ‘n’ roll with elements of up beat country and some traditional folk.

All five members are currently working to release a physical CD for Jacob County & The Damaged Goods which is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2013. The band keeps busy playing shows throughout Des Moines and have been invited to play some larger venues outside of town. They have had the honor of sharing the stage with acts such as Legendary Leon Russell, The Reverend Horton Heat, J.D. Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers and the Supersuckers to name a few!

The members come from very diverse musical and instrumental backgrounds. Harmonica, slide guitar, keys and mandolin may be a few of the instruments that make an appearance at a live show. Members include Jacob County, Beth Spaniel, Dennis Bloodwater (Dee Blood), Dirk William Newton and Stutterin’ Jimmy. After originally wanting the band to be comprised of a wealth of wandering talent, Jacob County hand picked a permanent cast that compliments his style and attitude.

Most members, with the exception of Jimmy and Dirk, had all played together in previous projects before settling down with The Damaged Goods. In an odd musical twist all five members also form another band called Stutterin’ Jimmy & The Goosebumps. Both bands can usually be seen playing on the same night. Jacob turns the singing over to Jimmy and steps back to showcase his guitar playing.

Dirk Newton, often known for his superb knowledge of guitar, is the colorful commentator behind the skins. Stutterin’ Jimmy, who is appropriately named, breaks the stereotype with his incredible singing gift and way around the harp. Dee Blood can be seen swaying to the music with his eyes closed as he creates tones on the 6 string. On bass, Beth Spaniel walks her fingers on the strings as if it’s easier than breathing. Last, but most certainly not least, Jacob County, whose booming vocals and memorable guitar riffs & heartfelt songwriting provide the basis for the band. Everyone as whole create a sight and sound experience that is talked about and revered.

“In today’s hard to follow musical popularity patterns and regurgitated techno backbeats, Jacob County & The Damaged Goods provide a fresh outlook on music itself!!!” - Greg Waldrop, Dangerous Music Inc.

"Jacob is on the short list of the most widely respected musicians in central Iowa. It's almost a rite of passage for local musicians to say that they have played with Jacob County. He's got that rare hybrid of natural talent and genuine humility.. I don't know how many times I've seen him play where my jaw has hit the floor. Every time he gets on stage, it's golden perfection. But then the next time I'll see him, it's as if he has raised the bar even higher. He's as good as there is on the guitar, and based off the underlying talent that is here in Des Moines, that is saying a lot. And he's a helluva songwriter." - Troy Church, The Bigfoot Diaries


9th Ward Sessions

9th Ward Sessions

1. Rocks & Mud
2. Other Side
3. Boy Ain't The Same
4. This Time

Non-album Songs

Heavy Load