Resurrection Mary Des Moines, IA


Resurrection Mary

Blistering guitars, thundering boom and scrappy rhythm-this is the music that you could of swore you heard on a cassette tape in a suped-up Camaro back in high school, while you were scooping the loop and sipping from a bottle of booze in a paper sack. It's the sound of screeching tires on wet asphalt, echoes of random gun shots by the river and the early morning howling of locomotives!

Since 2006, Des Moines' Resurrection Mary has been playing out their souls for the starry dynamo of night, and having a hell of a time doing it! Influences include: Heavy Metal magazine, low budget science fiction movies, cubism, electric can openers, motorcycles, tower speakers, swap meets, barbecue, Miller High Life, midgets, conspiracy theories, werewolf movies, stripper joints and carpet cleaner.

Non-album Songs

Here Comes the West
Legion of Doom
Old Man Coyote