10Peny Burlington, IA



10Peny is a completely unique genre defying sound somewhere between rock and metal. So far the guys have not found a single boundary that they will not cross, violate, and then cross again in the pursuit of their own special brand of music. Energetic and utterly ruthless on stage 10Peny promises to be one of the best live performances you will see this year.

Sick and tired of the shit they were hearing on the radio these five brave souls made a blood pack to burn it all down then piss on the ashes. In keeping with that promise the guys are in the middle of writing and recording there second album as yet untitled due to be released late in the year.

During the meantime they are keeping there skills sharp playing shows all across Iowa. Barring any arrests and or prosecution for anything to major the future looks very promising for the guys, but just in case get you ass to there next show.

Non-album Songs

Against the Wall
Lost Prophet