DAKOTA PARK is the husband & wife alt/country band, fronted by

Josh Sinclair (guitars/vocals) & Josie Ann (vocals/percussion). Although they've only been a band for just under 3 years, their story goes back almost 10 years...


Having met each other by chance back in 2003; Josh was friends with Josie's sister and the two were introduced. Years passed and they kept in touch; Josh was busy touring with his earlier bands (Little Mojo and Hollywood Burnout) and Josie was the front desk clerk at the Marriott and eventual lounge manager. They would constantly run into one another around their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa and they would always show each other their latest tattoos and share some drinks and stories together. Although Josh has his fair share of ink, Josie is the tattoo queen, having won awards for her amazing body artwork at tattoo conventions around the Midwest.

*Falling in love:

It wasn't until 2008 that they began dating and eventually fell head over heels in love, tying the knot in 2013. Josh even penned a song for the occasion entitled "You Ain't Perfect," which is the title-track of their upcoming summer 2014 release and totally encompasses the way they are together…"you ain't perfect, but you're perfect for me."

*The BAND:

The couple had always toyed with the idea of performing together and decided to make it a reality in late 2011. They started out playing mostly smaller venues as well as fairs and music festivals. In 2013, they brought in Josh's brother, Nicholas Sinclair, to help fill out their live show on the drums. As Dakota Park continued to progress, it was none more evident than in the growth of their songwriting and at their performances.

*The new EP: "YOU AIN'T PERFECT" (coming summer 2014):

Affectionately labeled "relationship rock," DAKOTA PARK lives up to that description with their latest EP entitled, "You Ain't Perfect." The album features 5 brand new songs, all written by the duo, in which they rarely mince words when describing their relationship. They pick up where they left off from their debut release ("Midol & Whiskey"), and have taken their quirky and honest songwriting to a new level with this EP. Their "2-pea's-in-a-pod" kind of relationship is perfectly defined in one of their new songs entitled, "Just You & Me," as it combines two of their favorite things: getting tattoos and summertime.


"You Ain't Perfect"

"You Ain't Perfect"

2. I Wanna Get Drunk
5. Free Beer Tomorrow
"Midol & Whiskey"

"Midol & Whiskey"

1. Midol & Whiskey