Tuesday Night Dance Fight Mason City, IA


Tuesday Night Dance Fight

In early 2014 an extraterrestrial sleeper cell was called to action by the grand nucleus to inspire the imagination of the masses. Quietly blending in with the native population, they chose a non descript locality to inhabit; Mason City, Iowa USA, coordinates latitude 43° 9' 13" North / longitude 93° 12' 2" West. They look like you, but they are NOT one of you...! It is said the earths population runs the risk of becoming de-humanized by its wars of culture, religion, and politics... thus the sonic alien war veterans, dubbed: TUESDAY NIGHT DANCE FIGHT shed their chrysalides, took up their weapons, and raised up from dormancy to stimulate the human psyche, with a sensory assault for the ages...! With the mission to release your inner child, Tuesday Night Dance Fight IS:

Charles L. Green: Vocals

Mick Meyers: Guitar/Vocals

Dave Haag: Bass

Drums performed by Justin Paulsen on the "Tarantism EP"


Tarantism EP

Tarantism EP

2. Temporary Lull