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Pets with Human Names

Pets with Human Names is a dirty, loud and dynamic rock band from Des Moines, IA. Starting from a hot storage shed in the summer of 2011, members Andrew Pierson, Alex Nickeson, and Benton Schoenrock have crafted a sound that hits you hard and makes you move. Transforming all of their influences from heavy metal to progressive rock to trance, they released their first EP to some great reviews. But it wasn’t until their debut album that things really took shape.

Their self-titled album is a culmination of three years worth of effort that became an aggressive exhibition of raw emotion. Blending crunchy groove rock with melodic, atmospheric undertones, it takes the listener on a unique journey. Recorded and mixed with engineer Luke Tweedy (Erase Errata, William Elliot Whitmore, Xerox), "it’s a fascinating album. Not only is it a good listen musically, but it is fun to listen to a band literally grow and change as an album progresses." The energy it evokes, with lead single ‘Black & Gold’, is starting to gain the attention of people in every corner of the music scene.

Currently touring to support their album release, Pets with Human Names are bringing their high-energy live performance to new places. Exhilarating new cities with the exciting combination of heavy and groove that just screams, “Shut up and dance


Pets with Human Names

Pets with Human Names

1. House of Ill Repute
3. Black & Gold
10. Doubling Season