Sleep for Dreaming Des Moines, IA


Sleep for Dreaming

"With roots stretching from Bismarck, ND, Sleep for Dreaming is now based out of Amarillo, TX.

The band is currently gearing up for their first full-length album, set to release January 13th, 2015. With two west coast tours and another west coast/Midwest tour already under their belt, Sleep for Dreaming is taking their music to the masses, accumulating fans at every stop with their powerful lyrics, dynamic guitar-driven tunes, and charismatic stage presence.

Sleep for Dreaming is a band made up of visionaries and achievers who work relentlessly to chase down their dreams. Bohlen says of the band’s name, “To us, the name is a bit ironic as it suggests that you are only dreaming when you sleep and not actively pursuing your dreams, but in actuality, that’s what we are doing every second of every day. Dreams take more than a night’s sleep to make happen.”




3. Terrible Things
7. Something Good