Courtney Krause Des Moines, IA


Courtney Krause

The album Thoughts and Sound homes lyrically driven songs that bring the listener into a genuine place where all sides of the story, including their own, are told. Courtney Krause's thought-provoking style of writing is not only encompasses the longing heart of a singer/songwriter, but speaks to a variety of situations and circumstances we face in current day relationships.

From Des Moines, Iowa, Courtney Krause’s debut album, Thoughts and Sound, investigates the momentary time and place between the ideas we form and the words we ultimately say to express these ideas. The tracks are thoughts, the album as a whole is sound, and together they are a conversation about relationships, understanding, and humanity.


Thoughts and Sound

Thoughts and Sound

1. Subtle Motions
2. Minnesota
3. Follow
4. Hardwood Floors
5. I Understand
6. Talker
7. Circles
10. Don't Move