Men of Science and Faith Des Moines, IA


Men of Science and Faith

Formed in the beginning of 2014, Men of Science & Faith grew out of the idea of playing music forever. The group met on campus at Central College, with all of the members participating in performing arts ensembles. Honing their skills in and outside of classes and rehearsals, the four-piece band began rehearsing and writing. The group released an EP entitled, It's Been A Long Year Without You, in April 2014.

After playing some shows in Pella and appearing on the "Red Rock Radio Show", the band spent early 2015 writing and recording their first full length album. "How Things Are" was released on April 18. The album is now streaming on Spotify and available for purchase on Itunes.

Now a three piece, the band continues to play shows and looks to share their love of music wherever it may take them.


How Things Are

How Things Are

1. How Things Are
2. Vote For Us
4. Arlington
5. Houston, Are You There?
6. Comma
7. We'll Be Out By Two
8. 30 Days
9. Safe Places
10. The Beautiful Game
11. Stations
12. Slowly Going Home