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Faded Pearl

Faded Pearl is Francesco Bevilacqua, Michael Schmidt, Mark Manning, & Jonathan Gray. Frank, Mike, & Mark have been gigging in the Des Moines area since 2008. Jonathan joined the group in late-2010 as they prepared to head into the studio to record material they'd been writing since 2008.

With a long list of songs behind them, Faded Pearl released their first CD in June 2011. This CD showcases a wide range of styles within the rock genre - you're sure to find something rocktastically delicious!

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Faded Pearl

Faded Pearl

1. Out Your Door
2. Forever
3. Bring It Home
4. Everything
5. Hope
6. Sage
7. Falling Down
8. Prepare
9. Here I Stand
10. Eyes Wide Open
How Can You Wait?

How Can You Wait?

1. How Can You Wait?
2. Never Enough
3. Simple Reason
4. Waiting For You