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Mike T

Mike T is a hip-hop artist currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In Mike’s early years he expressed an interest in music and began playing guitar while in middle school, doubling as the main vocalist in a two-man band. As Mike aged he began exploring song writing more and started recording hip-hop at the age of 14. He continued this path until he graduated high school, playing local shows along the way, and decided to move north to pursue his passions in music industry. After moving to Minnesota, Mike T’s vision became clear and his creative capabilities began to expand significantly. Graduating from the Institute of Production and Recording for Music and Entertainment Business, Mike T gathered key knowledge and skills regarding the industry from his schooling and a yearlong internship with independent hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. By the age of 20, Mike T was not only making music, but had started his own multimedia company Equitis Media. Mike is focused on expressing himself through music and his creations via Equitis Media and freelance writing for hip-hop blog Dailychiefers. He has vowed that his next musical release will be the result of patience and hypercritical assessment of the product. Follow Mike T and Equitis Media’s webpages for up-to-date information on Mike T’s music!

Mike T

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