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North of Grand

In 2011, Iowa based power trio North of Grand is celebrating their eighth year as a band. NOG released of their fourth album, Setbacks Are Scheduled For Tomorrow, in 2008. The eight songs, which clock in at just over 23 minutes, were recorded and mixed with John Svec at Minstrel Studios in Iowa City and mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Studio B in Omaha.

From front to back, Setbacks displays North of Grand's knack for writing catchy, guitar-driven rock n roll, littered with memorable hooks and powerful lyrics. In 2009 and 2010, listeners to KCCQ Radio, 105.1 FM in Des Moines/Ames, chose North of Grand as the "Best Local Band." Hundreds of people voted for North of Grand ahead of major label acts like Slipknot and The Envy Corps.

North of Grand formed in March 2003. The original and current line-up is Sean Wilson (vocals, guitar), Dan Ketelsen (bass, backing vocals) and Pat Curtis (drums, backing vocals). Matt Wellendorf (guitar) began performing with the band on occasion in 2009.

The name "North of Grand" comes from the area in Des Moines (just north of Grand Avenue) where the band chooses to drink and live.


Setbacks Are Scheduled For Tomorrow

Setbacks Are Scheduled For Tomorrow

1. Des Moines River Conference
2. Gray
Cut You Down

Cut You Down

1. 900
2. Someday Ordinary
A Farewell to Rockets

A Farewell to Rockets

1. Hey Man
2. VHS
3. Built to Last
4. Left for Dead
5. No Way Down
6. Lame
7. Four Walls
8. The New Fast
9. Reputation