Oak Blvd Ames, IA


Oak Blvd

Oak Blvd is a duo based out of Ames, Iowa that was started in early 2015. The band is comprised of Micole Lee (Guitar, Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Bass, & Backing Vocals) and Adam Smith (Drums, Lyrics, Bass, & Backing Vocals). The two met in middle school, and have been playing music together for over 6 years in various bands throughout the years. They draw inspiration from a multitude of genres, including rock, indie, blues, alternative, metal, folk, and others. Because the two listen to such a wide variety of music, their sound changes from project to project, and even song to song. However, even though the style of their music may change, the energy and the honesty that they put into every note is consistent. They self-recorded, produced, and mixed their first EP - “Depressed & Underdressed”, releasing it in January of 2016. They are currently working on their second EP, which will be released in late 2016.

Non-album Songs

Someone To Hold