B. W E L L Des Moines, IA


B. W E L L

Started with a thought, turned it into a vision, and now we’re chasing a dream. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Des Moines, IA. Moved to Las Vegas at the age of 13. And graduated with a bachelors degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Simpson College in Indianola, IA.

Music has always been a passion and an overall love. It’s love, energy, movement and life. And I do my best to portray that same criteria within my music. Always had a knack for creative writing, and a fascination with hip-hop music. The movement is why I write. It’s not about fashion, liquor, women or material possession. Hip-hop is a way of life, and it’s beautiful. I take my time with my craft and have found my lane, but will always be progressing.

With the help of my brothers, family and friends I’ve had the opportunity to open for a number of talented artist. Kid Ink, Dizzy Wright, Riff Raff & Nappy Roots have all made there way through Des Moines, and I’ve been blessed to share the stage with them. You can find my music on Soundcloud, Youtube : B.Well - (Twitter & Instagram : B_Well_)

Listen, learn, share, and love this life. It’s precious. So spread the positivity, listen to the music and remember to smile! Stay up!


The Heights

The Heights

1. The Heights
2. My Life (feat. Ria Olson)
3. By Your Side (feat. Mario Ambrose)
4. Shots Fired
5. T.V. Break
6. Games
7. Something (Interlude)
8. So Fine / Hear Me Out
9. Clothes Off
10. Not There
11. Think About It
12. On My Way
13. O.T.W.
14. Closer